Before the address change deadline (i.e. address changes are "open"):

If you've completed your pledge manager and need to update your shipping address, you can do so as long as the address change deadline hasn't passed (see your project's updates to stay up to date and make sure you do not miss it).

Follow the instructions below based on the platform used as a pledge manager for your project.


1- Log into

2- Go to your "Backed Projects"

3- Find our project and click "view your order"; this is where you'll be able to change that order's shipping address.


Follow the instructions in the "How can I edit my shipping information" instructions that are part of this FAQ on the Indiegogo site:

After the address change deadline (i.e. address changes are "closed") :

For the following regions, our fulfillment partners send out address confirmation emails a few weeks prior to shipping your rewards in order to confirm what they have on file is still valid (and ask you to make a change via said email if it is not):
  • AU/NZ
  • EU/UK (sometimes, depending on the partner; you can inquire via support to confirm if this will happen for your project)